A Few Things About You Might Want To Know About Rochelle Marie Lee

  • Born and raised in New York, no not from the block, but from White Plains, NY to be exact
  • Been loving and living in FL since 2001
  • Discovered her passion and talent after doing her friend’s makeup for a photo shoot that required NO PHOTOSHOPPING! Yes, that is how her makeup artistry career began!
  • She was born with a natural artistic ability that inspires her to grow and learn through various training programs and workshops and stay culturally relevant with all the upcoming trends in the industry.This helps me stay culturally relevant with all the upcoming trends in the industry.
  • She is creative, innovative and her expertise is in different mediums from media makeup, fashion, print and television.
  • She loves working with anyone and everyone! Men. Women. Kids. Yellow. Green. White. Purple.
  • She works with all of her heart, enthusiastically embracing challenges, and always willing to step outside the box.
  • She is a tiny, energetic little thing, barely 5’2, but stands tall with a smile and tells it like it is! 🙂
  • She always brings her vibrant personality to her work, balancing dedication and professionalism.


favorite brush
RAY MORRIS #27 Radiance Brush.  One of the most unique brushes she has ever used.  You can literally have your foundation look air-brushed in 30 seconds. 

favorite product
Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer 

favorite thing to do
Every model, client, bride or anyone that knows her knows how much she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES lashes.  She is known for using individual flare lashes on almost everyone that sits in her chair and it is by far her favorite little (or big) touch.

best thing about make-up
The best thing about make-up is how you can take any face and find something beautiful.

best advice

whats in her personal make-up bag
Not much! Lip balm, translucent powder, concealer and of course tweezers.

what everyone should know
THE KISS METHOD…keep it simple stupid!  Less really is more.  If you learn your eye shape and skin type make-up will become a whole new experience.

favorite quote

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” ― Yogi Bhajan